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Solution in Focus


Solution in Focus


by keystonecntrl
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ICS Expert-On-Demand (EOD)

Providing the right technical expertise at the right time so you can get back to focusing on what you do best.


Expert-On-Demand (EOD) provides you with an engagement model that allows you to augment your technical and project teams when you need it.

Having access to expert skills on a variable basis, for remote and site support, before during and after an initiative supports your self sufficiency, enabling your access to highly skilled Control Systems, Project Management, and Digital Transformation experts on an as needed basis.

Our EODC teams have the deep technical knowledge, a proven methodology and the best practices required to drive any control system Build, Support or Digitalize initiative in the power and mining industry.

Does your team have all the expertise it needs to make your project a solid success?

Today’s technology is evolving more rapidly than ever, and the demand to adopt and harness it’s advantages makes it harder than ever to keep your team’s skills current and your business competitive.

The problem is, you only ever need special, expert-level deep skills at strategic or critical times. In an ideal world, this expertise would be available just when you needed it, rather than having to hire and maintain those skills on a full time basis.

That’s where an Expert-On-Demand comes in handy.

How about a quick and easy way to bring in deep-skilled experts only when you need them?

Whether you require technical or project management help for a Control System modernization or migration project, or strategic consultation for your digital transformation strategy, EODC puts a team of control systems experts, project management professionals, and digital transformation specialists within your reach to answer questions – or even provide hands-on guidance – just in time.

Skills now- or whenever you need them.

EODC is available for multi-vendor Control System technologies in a variety of subscription formats, any of which could be the ideal balance of technical self-sufficiency and an expert-led safety net that could make all the different in your success.

Keystone Controls’ Expert-On-Demand is the modern way to engage specialist services in the co-creation of your success: your way.


Get back to focusing on what you do best.

Quick assistance

Fast, direct access to deep subject matter experts, when you need it.


Eliminate the risk of inefficiencies of trial and error.


Share Keystone’s best practices & methodologies across your teams.


Have the skills available to to respond to opportunities and threats.


Build redundancy in the key parts of your operational model to ensure continuity.


Expert-On-Demand Consulting (EODC) gives your team a new way to work with Keystone Controls.  Having just-in-time access to a team rich in technical expertise during critical junctures in your Control System journey helps your team mitigate risk and accelerate solution deployment and technology adoption.

Business Drivers

  • Gain access to expert resources: Do we have the required deep technical and project expertise internally to complete the project on time?
  • Support for multi-vendor integration: How can we get access to multi-skilled resources to support multi-vendor environments?
  • Capacity and Skill Augmentation: Can we get help to augment our workload to help reduce cost, and increase our speed and agility?
  • Focus on business goals: Can we focus on business outcomes instead of focusing on technical projects and problems?
  • Potential performance gains: What are my current process problems? What opportunities are available from technology adoption that we’re not pursuing?
  • Level of continual improvement: How are we many technical improvement initiatives do we have in development today? How many will we have in the next 6-12 months?


  • Leverage this innovative On Demand delivery model for a cost-effective way to scale your team’s impact while improving quality.
  • Reduce cost and increase productivity using the remote delivery model.
  • Get direct access to Keystone’s Control System build, support & digitalize experts when you need it most.
  • Get instant assistance when you need it without having to initiate a new project.
  • Avoid project delays, slash project risk, and eliminate the inefficiencies of learning by trial and error.
  • Mitigate project risk, and minimize plant shutdown times.
  • Precisely define and achieve desired business results.
  • Work closely with an expert control systems engineering team when you need them, and not when you don’t.
  • Expedite a timely project execution through dedicated project management teams who specialize in the implementation of complex control system project in power and mining.
  • Share Keystone’s best practices and methodologies across your team.
  • Cultivate your team’s skills while rapidly adding innovation and delivery capacity, effortlessly adopting industry leading technologies and best practices that drives your competitive advantage.

Key Deliverables

  • Direct Access to Keystone experts: Get direct access to our experts’ deep technical expertise on your control system platform, solution, and methodology when you need it most
  • Access to Remote Expert Center: 24 hour access through our remote expert center to get assistance from your control system engineering support team.
  • Unlimited Q&A and implementation assistance: On topics pertaining to solution implementation, platform architecture, design and operational readiness activities related to your process control system.
  • Flexible consulting hours: Get consultative assistance in the form of strategic control system implementation and management approaches, when you need it.
  • Dedicated client success leader: Ultimate responsibility for your success lies with your dedicated client success leader.
  • Regularly scheduled management: Weekly reviews with a dedicated single point of contact to review current projects and assistance required for up coming projects.

Our goal is to give you

  • Priority focus on time to value.
  • Rapid knowledge transfer to support your demand.
  • High quality deliverables.

Your independance is our greatest success

Nothing is more important than transferring the knowledge of Keystone Controls experts to your organization. This provides long-term self-sufficiency through a mentored approach.


Expert skills, just when you need them.

Engage today

With a global team of highly skilled and experienced services professionals, the Keystone Controls EODC team can help build, support and digitalize your Control System with confidence, while assuring that the business needs and expectations of your organization are met.  Our experts are ready to assist your organization with:

  • Establishing project goals and expectations
  • Maximizing the return on your investment
  • Reducing project delivery times, complexity and risk through the delivery of proven best practices
  • Reducing total cost of ownership
  • Information sharing through our mentoring approach


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