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Product in Focus

HMI/SCADA Software

Product in Focus

HMI/SCADA Software

by keystonecntrl
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GE’s HMI/SCADA Software delivers uninterrupted control of your applications and mobile real-time operator intelligence.

Access to accurate, timely production and process data is critical. GE’s Proficy automation solutions deliver on this need leveraging the latest technologies for human machine interface/supervisory control and data acquisition (HMI/SCADA) to help you maximize the power of your information.

You can visualize your operations, perform supervisory control, and deliver reliable production data to higher-level analytic applications. This means you gain the capacity to precisely monitor and control every aspect of your process.

Mobility: Extending your control room

Being at the forefront of automation technology, Proficy HMI/SCADA supports the way today’s operators need to work with powerful mobile capabilities. It provides the right tools to collect, connect, and act upon vast amounts of production data from anywhere. Tools like our ProficySCADA “app” for the iPad® provide you with information anywhere, increasing operational visibility and efficiency.

Drive operator effectiveness with intelligent alarming

With our solution’s alarming capabilities, operators can quickly leverage production data with more intelligence. They’re empowered to:

  • Analyze large volumes of information from many sources
  • Make objective decisions based on complex, real-time information
  • Solve problems quickly and effectively by understanding the system
  • Proactively drive change for greater operational efficiency
Leverage real-time operational intelligence

Using the latest mobility technology and GE’s patented geo-intelligence capabilities, our solutions bring your operations to the next level. Your workforce will have the information they need to take action anywhere—driving faster responsiveness to critical items and early problem detection.


Precisely monitor and control every aspect of your industrial operations, at every location around the globe.
Trusted by the World’s Largest Manufacturers

As a proven automation platform, CIMPLICITY from GE Digital (formerly Proficy HMI/SCADA – CIMPLICITY) provides true client-server based visualization and control – from single machines to plant locations spanning the world – helping you manage your operations and improve decision making.

Based on decades of GE research and development, CIMPLICITY is the HMI/SCADA of choice for the world’s largest manufacturers. Trust CIMPLICITY for faster response, reduced costs and increased profitability.

Gain Insight, Speed Response

Make more informed decisions with real-time visibility, responding quickly using CIMPLICITY’s proven and robust control engine. Manage sections of a factory, a whole plant or multiple global locations – from anywhere, anytime!

Improve Operations

With thousands of installations, CIMPLICITY offers one of the richest HMI/SCADA feature sets available. As an example, the powerful Digital Graphic Replay add-on recorder lets your team go back in time and analyze events that occurred in the past.

Enable Powerful Data Connections

GE’s I/O drivers enable powerful data connections to your devices for control, data acquisition and visualization. We test all drivers in our labs, with partners and in the field, to ensure your device connections will be reliable and fast.

Support Your Changing Organization

As your organization changes, your scalable CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA system can change. CIMPLICITY offers superior flexibility – meeting your needs from single machine control to multi-plant deployments around the world in any environment.

Intelligence: Anywhere, Anytime

Drive faster response – anywhere, anytime – with CIMPLICITY delivered to your device of choice. You can support your operators with the information they need, at their fingertips, to enable better decision making and prevent mistakes.


Robust SCADA engine, Rich set of connectivity options, Open architecture, Highly scalable and distributed networking model.
Take Charge of Your Operations

iFIX from GE Digital, formerly Proficy HMI/SCADA – iFIX, is the industrial automation system of choice for many applications, ranging from common HMI, as simple as manual data entry and validation, to complex SCADA, such as batch, filtration, and distributed alarm management. With iFIX, you gain secure agility, enabling better decision making to drive results.Thousands of organizations globally use iFIX for its robust engine, rich set of connectivity options, open architecture, and scalability.

Reliability for Your Operations

With your iFIX solution, expect to have impressive visualization tools, enhanced mobility, and a reliable control engine. Our award-winning software also delivers the outstanding flexibility and scalability your changing organization needs.

Connectivity Drives Results

GE’s I/O drivers enable powerful data connections to your devices for control, data acquisition and visualization. We test all drivers in our labs, with partners and in the field, to ensure your device connections will be reliable and fast.

Consistency with iFIX Embedded

Utilize the wide array of next generation, embedded devices while adopting a consistent software platform at all levels. iFIX Embedded delivers the power, flexibility and scalability of iFIX on an embedded operating system.

Better Visualization Across Screens

Dynamic resolution for graphics means more efficient rendering and reduces CPU footprint. Deploy iFIX graphics on widescreen monitors, LCD TVs, and different aspect ratio screens, as well as move iFIX graphics from one resolution to another.

Intelligence: Anywhere, Anytime

Drive faster response—anywhere, anytime—with iFIX delivered to your device of choice. You can support your operators with the information they need, at their fingertips, to enable better decision making and prevent mistakes.

Proficy Mobile

Faster response – anywhere anytime – with the right information in context to equipment, location and role at your fingertips.

Deliver the Right Information at the Right Time

Arm your employees with the right information at the right time from any device. With information secure by design, Mobile from GE Digital (formerly Proficy Mobile) empowers your operators and technicians to take action anywhere, speeding response to critical issues when problems are detected. Determine the best action based on equipment, location, and role, with information displayed in appropriate context on PCs and mobile devices running on iOS and Android.

Access KPIs at Your Fingertips

Manage and operate on the move with informational KPIs or data from any source including HMI/SCADA. You can track asset and process KPIs, receive notifications on key trends, and get alerts on conditions that need fast action.

Trigger Prompt Action with Tasks

Reduce response time and ensure the right response to alarms with prioritized task lists and step-by-step instructions. Move to a paperless method of managing procedures – with best practice instructions available to operators and technicians—anywhere, anytime.

Communicate with Mobile Notes

Increase collaboration across your teams and capture documentation with Mobile Notes. Record the latest changes—enter comments, take and attach pictures, include KPI details, and more. Then, using filters, retrieve the information you need, fast!

Prioritize Alarms with Analytics

Alert the right people of critical issues that matter, when they matter. With alarm intelligence, your engineers and operators can receive prioritized alerts with helpful instructions for how to resolve issues in the right way, right away.

Navigate with Geo-Intelligence

With patented geo-intelligence, Mobile navigates and displays information based on user location and role as well as asset location. As an example, the appropriate person who is closest to an alarming machine receives the alarm information and instructions for action.

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