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Capability in Focus

Digital Transformation (Dx)

Capability in Focus

Digital Transformation (Dx)

by keystonecntrl
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Digital Transformation

Creating fluent industrial operating systems where digital meets physical

What’s the big deal with Digital?

The digital age has ushered in a new way of thinking about industrial operations.  Till now, the enduring constraint imposed on achieving excellence in industrial operations has been our ability to manage complexity.  But, significant advances in technology, including big data and analytics, the Industrial Internet of Things, robotics, cloud, and additive manufacturing are shifting the capabilities and value proposition.

In the age of digital operations, information previously created, collected and analyzed by people will increasingly be generated by machines and “things”.   Inventory will count itself.  Containers will detect their contents.  Processes will be analytically automated.  Advanced analytics and modeling will evaluate alternatives against an incredibly complex and dynamic set of risks and constraints.  The entire value chain will be connected, and smarter systems will make decisions automatically, eliminating the need for human intervention.

Complexity has been solved.

What’s it mean?

  • Anything that can be automated that isn’t will become worthless, or an unnecessary overhead.  Choosing to do nothing now adds significant OPEX to future operations, costs that competitors are eliminating right now.
  • Ironically, the solution to complexity is complex.  industrial operations require a digital overhaul: The value chain must be redesigned and retooled and the workforce retrained- quickly.

What’s the next action?

How do industrial operators best respond to this shift?  How can they take advantage of the opportunity to innovate, differentiate, automate, dis-intermediate and grow? And how can they do all this cost effectively, leveraging and optimizing the newest information and operations technologies as part of their overall physical operations?

Most will not start the digital transformation journey from “zero”.  Instead, most operators have already found ways to use digital inform to inform maintenance and operational excellence.  Further, existing technologies are ready and able to contribute to a digitally enabled operating environment with the right integration strategy.  From this starting point, a digital transformation strategy and road map is the essential first guiding step of the journey.

Can Keystone help?

Keystone Controls Digital Transformation Solutions provide industrial operators with transformation consultation, advise and strategies at the forefront of this Digital era.  We can guide you in creating a holistic digital strategy that will secure a leading role in tomorrow Digital ecosystem.

Transforming the operating model:

Improved efficiency

Eliminate bottlenecks and reduce friction by replacing legacy human driven processes with automated workflows.

Decisions that make themselves

Armed with digitally enabled actionable intelligence, be promoted to a position of influence and control.

Improve reach and collaboration

Connect your ground force to decision makers, enabling you to make decisions based on whats really happening.


Deal with only the information you need.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

Engaged workforce

Empower and engage your workforce with fluent automated systems that just work.

Breakdown knowledge silo’s

Liberate your data across your organisation to empower decisions at all levels.

Digital Transformation

Creating fluent industrial operating systems where digital meets physical

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