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Capability in Focus

Industrial Information and communication technologies (IICT)

Capability in Focus

Industrial Information and communication technologies (IICT)

by keystonecntrl
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Industrial information and communication technologies (IICT)

Operating systems for advanced power and mining facilities.

Information is now the key to business success.

In today’s complex economy, information is the key to business success and profitability. There is an ever-increasing emphasis on the ability for information to be easily and securely exchanged between diverse platforms… from multiple vendors… and to allow seamless integration of those platforms without costly and time-consuming software development.

Increasingly, this Control System synergy is facilitated by OPC technologies. There are more than 4,200 suppliers who have created more than 35,000 different OPC products used in more than 17 million applications. The estimate of the savings in engineering resources alone is in the billions of dollars.

But more recently, direct access to real-time data at all levels of the control system, and in vastly increased geographies continues to be driven by IoT and Cloud-based technologies.  The suitability of which has been made possible by surging advances in technologies that facilitate low latency, high throughput data, proven security, and flexible device platforms.

IT and OT: Converge and Conquer!

In the past, the management of industrial technologies was split across two camps: information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT).  IT worked from the top down, deploying and maintaining data-driven infrastructure whose focus was limited to the management side of the business.  OT was built from the bottom up, starting with machinery, equipment, and assets and moving up to monitoring and control systems.

The IT and OT camps have traditionally kept within their own well-defined battery limits, collaborating around a precisely defined demilitarized zone (DMZ) separating the two. Then came smart machines, big data, and the Industrial Internet, and the worlds of IT and OT suddenly collided. Data, once the purview of IT, is now ubiquitous on the operations floor.

Industrial Cyber Security

While the Industrial Internet is unlocking new levels of productivity, helping maximize the value of industrial assets, with its increased connectivity comes a critical need to mitigate cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities.

A recent rise in industrial cyber security attacks has shown that critical assets and systems are more exposed to cyber threats than ever before.  Today, proactive action is an urgent and misunderstood requirement to increase resilience, improve safety, and maintain availability across your ICS environment.

Keystone delivers secure synergy

Building and supporting fluent operating systems for advanced power and mining facilities demands unparalleled expertise in industrial communications and information technology (IICT).

Our specialist engineers in OPC, IIoT, data science, information management, Industrial IT, communications, and cybersecurity deliver simple control and seamless synergy of complex systems.

OT interfaces

Interfacing traditional and emerging operational technologies with analytics and enterprise intelligence is where many digital transformation initiatives become unstuck.  We’re focused on the this intersection of operational and information technologies.

Line of Business Applications

The unprecedented development of line of business applications promising synergy from the industries biggest players is nothing short of astounding.  The difficulty has been integration and application of these technologies to the unique requirements of the end user.

IIoT enabling technologies

The enabling technologies of IIoT are very much in their infancy.  The industrial evolution of IoT is being pulled along by the rapid and impressive developments in the commercial sectors.  IIoT, however, brings with it a realm of unique risks and difficulties that require consideration by experienced industrial providers.

IICT Intelligence Engines

Once the information is collected by OT, processed by intelligent edge devices, and securely sent to an organization’s digital core, Intelligence engines derive practical insight to direct action. The crucial missing component for most intelligence systems is an experienced strategy, allowing power and mining operators to rapidly understand and address whats really going on.

Industrial information and communication technologies (IICT)

Keystone Controls provides a complete range of services including design and implementation, lifecycle services, migration services, and asset management.

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