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for select leaders in power and mining.

A full-service expert partner

Who we are

Keystone Controls is an industrial control systems specialist, and a full-service expert partner for select leaders in power and mining.

Some context

It’s 2018, and we’re entering into an era of unprecedented technological innovation.  Society is grappling with the immense power (both good and bad) of a connected and an increasingly artificially intelligent world.

In the industrial sector, this rapid evolution of technology and its possibilities heralds the fourth industrial revolution, or “industry 4.0”.  Like each revolution before it, industry 4.0 is driven by the solution to a prevailing constraint, and offers a step change in productivity.

Industry 1.0

The first industrial revolution (or industry 1.0) overcame mechanical limitation through the introduction of steam powered machines.

Industry 2.0

Industry 2.0 at the beginning of the 20th century harnessed electrical energy, overcoming the inefficient transportation and extraction of energy from water.

Further, this second industrial revolution birthed scientific management and the division of labor, resulting in the production line, and a solution to the limited capacity of the individual worker.

Industry 3.0

Further targeting the constrained human worker, industry 3.0 superseded them with robotics and automation, offering significantly increased productivity, and the ability to accurately perform repetitive actions over long periods of time without rest.

What we do

We build and support unified operating systems for advanced power and mining facilities.


Since industry 3.0, industrial facilities have grown increasingly complex, with more machines commissioned to do more work, as systems of robots have grown in size and complexity.

This then has given rise to the prevailing constraint of complexity, where humans stand as intermediaries between automated processes and systems, we again present the limiting constraint to productivity.

This time, its our ability to process information, and deal with computational complexity.

Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution then promises to disintermediate this constrained human capacity, facilitating machine to machine communications, and forming a web of systems that satisfy a value chain without the weight of our inferior computational abilities.

The challenge for those organisations leading the way however is an ironic one… this solution to complexity is… complex… and a crucial consideration is that owing to both the power and complexity of the digital transformation to industry 4.0, it can only be done one way… correctly.

Client selection

Owing to the specialized nature of our work and the competitive advantage it delivers, it is imperative that we form engaged relationships with clients who’s vision for the future is enabled by ours.

Keystone Controls offer a full-service expert partnership for select leaders in power and mining, those who are driven to lead their industry into the future, and those who choose to invest in technologies today that will secure their preeminence tomorrow.

Therefore, our purpose is clear:

To control complex systems, simply,
liberating our client partners to do that which empowers them.

and beyond

Where an industrial revolution size shift in productivity is on offer, it is evident that there’s no turning back.

Those facilities who choose to lead this revolution will enjoy market dominance as automation, digitization, and disintermediation overcome this latest limiting constraint. And those that choose not to progress will be straddled with costs and inefficiencies of an era past.

Given that the future of power and mining is interdependent systems of complex technologies, our job at Keystone Controls is transcendence of that technology, and the delivery of simple operating systems that drive advanced power and mining processes.

and our strategy pursues a clear objective:

To be the world's most trusted and important
Industrial Operating Systems Specialist.

Trusted to help client partners apply technologies and practices to solve their problems.
Trusted to provide uncompromised advise as a multi-vendor expert partner.

Important because we innovate the industries most advanced technologies and practices.
Important because we inform Industrial operators, empowering them to take action with confidence.

How we help

As your engine for innovation and continual improvement, we deliver increasingly significant competitive advantages for a digitally transformed and technologically dependent industrial future.

We understand

We understand the real problems and opportunities you face in your industry and how they impact your bottom line results.

We know how

As an industrial controls specialist in power and mining, we solve complex puzzles every day, meaning we’ve likely already solved yours.

We’re on your side

Our only product is your success. As a vendor agnostic engineering company, our business model is simple.  We act in your best interest to ensure what you need gets done.

How we're different

Our only product is your success.
We deliver what you need without compromise.


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